Escape From Alcatraz

Join internationally renowned creative geniuses* Peter West (Paul Welsh) and Leslie Scott-Harps-Cunt Stevenson (Madeline Walter) for a creativity workshop based on their New York Times Best-Selling** Creative Guidebook, "Escape From Alcatraz: Freeing Yourself From The Prison of Creative Self-Judgment"

* Loose interpretation of that word, but who's to say who's a genius?
** Removed from Bestseller list for being deliberately misleading. NOT a true-crime novel. 

Praise for "Escape From Alcatraz":

"This is not a workshop. It's an unabashed display of complete ego and lack of talent." -Elizabeth Gilbert, author, Big Magic 

"I've worked with presidents, Super Bowl Champions, and CEOs. Most of those people are horrible. Leslie and Peter are even worse." -Tony Robbins, motivational speaker 

"Good book! Also good workshop!" -Oprah, but not the one you're thinking of