Gary Saves the Graveyard

It's Gary's first night as a graveyard groundskeeper. Little does he know that his job isn't just to rake the leaves and clean the toilets. He's also a glorified camp counselor to the 235 living corpses that awaken every night to play ping pong and do jigsaw puzzles before they move onto the afterlife. When his best friend, who's been dead for 20 years, encourages him to relive the glory days, things get out of control and could lead to armageddon. STARRING: jim santangeli, nate dern, tallie medel, shannon o'neill, dawn luebbe, dan chamberlain, nicole byer, michael delaney, timmy wood DIRECTOR: todd bieber WRITERS: todd bieber, laura grey, kristy lopez-bernal, avery monsen,  zach phillips This show is free to current UCBT sketch students via the stand-by line. If you want to guarantee entry, you should purchase a ticket