The UCB 52 NOW!: A Comic Con Comedy Show

Not a dream! Not a hoax! Not an imaginary story! Hosts Michael Hartney (So I Like Superman) and Justin Tyler (Comic Book Club) are two of the biggest fanboys in comedy, and they've gathered an Avenging Legion of Uncanny Titans to honor New York Comic Con the best way they know how: by making fun of it. Expect heroes, villains, comic book creators fresh from the con floor, and super-special guests! Get your tickets now before they're RETCONNED. SPECIAL GUEST: Jesse Snider (writer and host of the Designer Toy Awards) And starring: Pat Baer Brian Faas Geoff Garlock Jason Gore Abby Holland Johnna Scrabis Alan Starzinski Siobhan Thompson John Zachary Townsend Nat Towsen Mark Vigeant Kris Wiener