The Andy Kaufman Award

The Andy Kaufman Award has been recognizing new talent in the spirit of the comic legend for 10 years.  The award show will feature 8 finalists that will perform and compete for the coveted 11th Annual Andy Kaufman Award. Past winners include, Reggie Watts, Kristin Schaal.  

Hosted by: Elayne Boosler 
Comedian/writer/animal activist Elayne Boosler  ( is best known for her thoughtful and feisty political humor, and her love of baseball and animals, all sharing a big part of her act. For forty years, she seemingly has appeared on every talk show ever on TV, has produced and written five one-hour Showtime comedy specials, written and directed two movies for Cinemax, appeared on Comic Relief for years, on Politically Incorrect over thirty times, and has hosted specials, series, and events. She has done lots of baseball color commentary, and sung the National Anthem and/or thrown out a first pitch, many times for many teams.

Alison Rich 
Ana Fabrega
Ben Kronberg
Brett Davis
Jim Hickox
Jo Firestone
Julio Tores 
Nathan Barnatt 

There is also a special treat for all those in attendance when the 7:30 Awards show is over.....