The Greatest Music Comedy Show of All Time... Ever! Reformed Whores and Squirm & Germ Present: "The Greatest Music Comedy Show of All Time... Ever!" Two of NYC's favorite musical comedy duos, Reformed Whores (back in town after touring with Les Claypool of Primus) and Squirm & Germ (The Apollo, Joe's Pub, Ars Nova), are joining forces to put on an epic double bill of comedy and music for ONE NIGHT ONLY!  These southern belles and hip-hop impresarios will be serving up songs about everything from drunk dialing to active pregnancies to venereal diseases and neti pots with sweet harmonies, old-timey wit, and pop culture references for days.  It's going to be the greatest...EVER For more info, check out:  and Respective debut albums "Ladies Don't Spit" and "Late Bloomers" available on iTunes.