We Are Not Terrorists

J.D. Amato J.D. Amato
IF YOU ARE PART OF THE ESTABLISHMENT READ ONLY THIS SECTION This is a Pennsylvania Proud cooking show. This week we will be baking Pennsylvania Pie and discussing poetry that pairs well with pie. IF YOU ARE NOT A PART OF THE ESTABLISHMENT PLEASE READ BELOW (NO COPS PAST HERE): Join us. We are NOT a cooking show. We are New York's most potent group of political dissidents. This is the only time and place that it is safe for us to meet. Help us destroy the establishment from the inside. Come be a part of our meeting. You will be accepted. You will be informed. You will be given actual opportunities to fight the establishment. You will see things they don't want you to see. You will learn things they don't want you to learn. If you come to this show, you are no longer innocent. http://wearenotterrorists.tumblr.com