STONE COLD FOX: A Triumph...Channing Tatum Is Electric "Four stars." "Like a roller coaster that aims straight for the heart." "A Triumph... Channing Tatum is Electric!" is the brand new sketch show from Stone Cold Fox. In it, you'll see moon burgers, a man with two bodies, a woman who loves wine, a big knife, and maybe even one of the stars of A League of Their Own (we're not telling which one!). This show is "sooper dooper." You should "come see it!" Starring Johnathan Fernandez Brandon Scott Jones Molly Lloyd Leslie Meisel Connor Ratliff Written by Evan Greenspoon Brandon Gulya Aaron Burdette Matthew Hunziker Silvia Ozols Eli Terry Directed by Evan Greenspoon Stage Manager / Writer's assistant: Jennifer Bechem