The Dodo & The Donkey

A marionette musical with the help of the amazing puppets and puppeteers the Bob Baker Marionettes. An epic adventure about a flapper Dodo stuck in a rut trying to survive- dancing in a burlesque parlor, under the power of the grimy master who gave her a cage of her own, and hardworking Donkey, who was inherited to an opera singer who's never worked a day in her life. Both so damn sick and tired of feeling like they aren't feeling- both ready to LIVE, the Dodo and the Donkey both decided to run away together- and challenge the dangers of the world- in hopes of finding true happiness. Starring the voices of: Charlyne Yi Jet Elfman Armen Weitzman Becky Stark Evan Kertman Jon Glover Lem Jay Ignacio + more Written by Charlyne Yi Original Music by Lem Jay Ignacio, Jet Elfman, and Charlyne Yi