Two Bunnies Eating Flowers Two Bunnies Eating Flowers are cute little Chicago kiddos with an insatiable bloodlust for friendship and fun.  Their newest show Horses Aren’t People Fishes Aren’t Dogs is 100% free of local references, topical humor, and tropical humor. This trio pushes themselves and each other to create sketches able to burn images into your mind that you won’t be able to erase…but it’ll still be a good time, guys! Time Out Chicago calls Horses Aren’t People Fishes Aren’t Dogs a “ridiculous, explosive, shocking, confrontational, glitterbomb of a show...a fearless, bloody, full-frontal assault on all senses that makes you want to leap out of your seat and start a revolution.” Two Bunnies Eating Flowers promises to put on a show that cannot be forgotten, only repressed. Written by and starring Alex Hanpeter Kyle Reinhard Jude Tedmori Directed by Mike Klasek