STONE COLD FOX: Hey, Look Over Here! HEY LOOK OVER HERE! Hi. Now that we have your interest, perhaps we can interest you in a sketch show that HEY LOOK OVER HERE! Hi again, it looked like you were distracted, didn't mean to make you poop your pants. Stone Cold Fox has a HEY LOOK OVER HERE! You were definitely looking at your phone that time so HEY LOOK OVER HERE! Just listen. Come see Stone Cold Fox: Hey, Look Over Here! It's a funny sketch show. That's it. Be cool. You just gotta HEY LOOK OVER HERE! Starring Johnathan Fernandez, Brandon Scott Jones, Molly Lloyd, Leslie Meisel, John Murray, and Connor Ratliff Written by Aaron Burdette, Evan Greenspoon, Brandon Gulya, Matt Hunziker, Silvija Ozols, and Eli Terry Directed by Brandon Gulya Produced by Jenny Bechem