The UCB Ultimate Character Bonanza

UCB's top performers are tired of being themselves. Come watch as they lose touch with reality and seek the warm embrace of a character showcase instead! Featuring: Echo "Cranky Old Sea Captain" Kellum Molly "Gollum's Super Bowl Halftime Show" Bretthauer Dave "Resourceful Hobo" Theune Mary "Chili Cook Off Cheerleader" Holland Drew "Precocious Baby" Difonzo-Marks Ryan "Grandpa Can't-Find-His-Spectacles" Meharry Amy "Rockette's Understudy" Heidt Stephanie "Jazzercize Aunt" Allynne Barry "Hydrophobic Lifeguard" Rothbart Andree "Nostalgic Koala" Vermuelen Bryan "Rudyard Kipling At The Spa" Safi Gil "Neil Armstrong Gets Stage Fright" Ozeri Andrew "Panhandling Panda" Santino ...and more!