THE UNBREAKABLE GUN: A Live-Action Action Movie

First they broke his town. Then they broke his heart. But there's one thing they'll never break... his gun! Detroit is overrun with creeps, and only one man can stop them. Eddie Dunn (A Time to Shoot, School for The Death) stars as Eddie, a vigilante with a heart of gold. His nemesis is the evil Brandon, played by Brandon Scott Jones (Black Die Hard, Speed Fuck). This high-octane cast co-stars Tim Martin (Legally Dead, Speed Fuck 5: The Reckoning), Leslie Meisel (Face Punch 8), and Kristen Acimovic (Alley Brawl II: Victor's Revenge). Also featuring Brandon Gulya (You've Got Mail, Speed Fuck 3) and Evan Greenspoon (Speed Fuck 3: The Unrated Version). And introducing Pweef Duncan as himself.