HelloGiggles Presents: Hot Topics

http://i50.tinypic.com/1zp79sk.png This isn't the Hot Topic at your home town mall where your cousin buys his Fallout Boy hoodies and Nightmare Before Christmas lighters. This is the live comedy show where some of LA's most hilarious and well-versed experts on everything come together as a panel to discuss all topics considered hot. Audience members will give the panelists the topics THEY want discussed. Everything will be created on the spot for this night of unabashed stories, discussions, and of course LOL's based on what YOU suggest. Come and bring your suggestion of a topic to inspire the panel! Lineup Includes: Eric Andre Esther Povitsky Echo Kellum Danielle Schneider Nicol Paone Hesley Harps Deborah Tarica Hosted By: Jackie Johnson