Advanced Class Show: THE EVENTÉ

**This show is performed by students enrolled in a UCBT Advanced Study class.** The Eventé is a long-form comedic improv structure where the first and last scene are the same. After witnessing some sort of mind-blowing life-altering event in the opening scene we flash backwards in time. We watch a series of scenes that expand all of the characters and details from the first scene, culminating with a return to the first scene. Once we return, that final scene is altered by the hilarious content uncovered in-between the opening and closing of the show. Imagine a hamburger where the buns were hilarious scenes and the stuff in-between those buns made you shoot snot out of your nose because you were laughing so hard. Kind of like that. Cast: Sara Feinstein Catherine Fullerton Zachary Goldbaum Dani Grace Mike Greene Manny Hernandez Billy Hurley Liz Lorinsky Casey McCormick Matt Radlow Randy Reiman Neil Sarkar Tracy Soren Alex Teague Mark Vigeant Timmy Wood