Come see the newest comedy videos before they première. Test Screening is a monthly showcase of the latest and greatest videos coming out of New York before you can find them anywhere online. Videos that are on the verge of releasing, Videos that have just finished rendering, Videos that just need one more cut; all for your Test Screening pleasure. With a first screening of a video based on your suggestion from '100 Bowls of Soup' and an exclusive look at what’s coming from UCBComedy.com If you would like to submit a video to Test Screening please send an email to: [email protected] with the title of your video in the subject line. The email should include a private link to your video through a service like Youtube, Vimeo, or other equivalent site. Videos do not need to be final versions, they can be works in progress, but the more together a video is, the more likely it will be chosen. PLEASE DO NOT SEND VIDEOS THAT ARE ALREADY PUBLICLY POSTED ONLINE. Submissions are due the Saturday before the show. Test Screening is every 3rd Friday of the month.