UCBeast's PREMIERE* 4-team, 3-person improv team competition. A no-holds-barred throw-down between 4 teams of 3 people--strut your most trilarious stuff in a ten minute set for the chance to earn the audience's favor and return the following month. How it works: returning champions will compete against a pre-selected team, a team chosen from submissions that night (all three members submit as ONE team), and a CRAZY wild card team assembled from individual audience members! At the end of the show the audience will vote for their favorite trio and the winning team will return the following month to defend their crown. Who can perform at THREE FOR ALL? Literally ANYONE, including YOU! Show up and put your name/team name in the bucketto** to be a part of the mayhem. Hosted by Big Fat Fatties (Aaron "The Postman Always Rings Thrice" Jackson, Josh "Third Time's the WB's Charmed" Sharp, and Langan "Three" Kingsley) *only **bucket