The Great Debate

Join us every month as some of the best stand up comedians in the New York City area debate some the questions we all want answered while making you laugh, whether it be standing up vs sitting down, delivering weed vs delivering a baby, honey mustard vs spicy honey mustard...which one is better? This is the only show where the crowd is encouraged to participate as the audience is asked to choose the winner of the debate and have these questions we've all been pondering answered. That's not it though folks, the Great Debate Variety Hour also features sketches and performances from some of your favorite stand up comedians. December's show features debates from: Nick Naney vs Brad Austin Mitt Romney vs Santa Claus - Who is more fake? Doug Smith vs Jessica Watkins Rock Climbing vs Rock Smoking Which is more dangerous? Our Headlining Debate Dan St. Germain (Late Night w/Jimmy Fallon, Guy Code, Comedy Central) vs. Mike Lawrence (Conan, John Olivers NY Stand Up Show, WTF) With Stand up from Matt Koff (Onion News Network, Comedy Central) Jeff Wesselschmidt (Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Partydawg Records) and Kurt Metzger (Comedy Central Presents, Ugly Americans, Last Comic Standing) Hosted by Michael Shawki and Jeff Wesselschimdt