David O'Doherty Is Looking Up

http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7059/6917899475_3dc546ede7_o.jpg What a rubbish year. Seriously. The recession, and the earthquakes, revolutions crushed by tyrants, and David has been punched in the face twice by strangers on the street for no reason. And he had a mouse in his house. And then recently the screen on his phone smashed and now they want £100 to fix it. It's enough to bring a lesser person down. It's enough to bring David down. But he has managed to write some jokes about it. David has spent the year touring and writing and doing bits for television. In November his latest book, 100 Facts About Sharks, co-written with Claudia O'Doherty and Mike Ahern was published worldwide. In November he recorded his latest CD 'We Are Not The Champions' in Dublin. He February he recorded a special for Comedy Central is America. David O'Doherty presents a new hour of talking, songs and a movie proposal. He is terribly excited to be coming back. It might be his favourite place to come and do shows. "A triumph" - The Montreal Gazette Winner 2008 Edinburgh Comedy Award (Formerly The Perrier Award) 2010 Irish Comedian of The Year