Pig: A Restaurant

You're invited to the opening party for Pig: A Restaurant, East Gowanus' hottest new eatery. Join luminaries like model/actress/hostess Aurora, supplier Ian (of Crown Heights' preeminent household farm), and Top Chef quarter finalist Annie as they usher in the most pork-obsessed restaurant in Brooklyn. Starring Lauren Conlin Adams Written by Leila Cohan-Miccio Directed by Caitlin Tegart Videos by Adam Sacks Praise for Pig: A Restaurant: "If you're a food nerd, you probably want to see this." - Raphael Brion, Eater "Pig is a razor-sharp take on the city's current foodie fadishness." - Jamie Feldmar, Gothamist "Written with wit and bite...directed with style...and performed superbly." - Hy Bender, HyReviews "A must-see." - Alyssa Shelasky, Grub Street "The restaurant world is already so full of absurdity and self-parody that you wouldn't think a comedy show about it could improve on reality. But oh my god, Pig: A Restaurant kills it. The sexually voracious be-hatted critic, the precisely-calculated bad-boy chef, the vacuously hostessing model-slash, the cooking show contestant nearing meat psychosis ... everything about it is totally, completely based in reality, and that's what makes it so ridiculously, spectacularly amazing." - Helen Rosner, Saveur