It is with a heavy heart and a bunch of unsigned copies of 'The Backup Plan', that we say goodbye to one of America's most versatile performers, Jennifer Lopez. From the films, to the music, to the groundbreaking 'almost can see your vagina' fashion, JLo made the world a better place. We'll miss you Jennifer. You're an angel up in heaven now, so spread those wings and fly, girl. Join friends, family, and costars as we celebrate the life and work of this beauty from the Bronx. Services will be led by Mamrie Hart at UCBeast on January 27th at 9pm. Don't make a huge ass out of yourself and miss this. Starring: Allison Bennett Cory Cavin Eliot Glazer Mary Grill Mamrie Hart Frank Hejl Josh Lay John Milhiser Carla Rhodes Steve Soroka Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting Hosted by Mamrie Hart