STONE COLD FOX: Crisistown - A Choose Your Own AdventureComedy Stone Cold Fox invites you to Crisistown, a little town with a big crisis. "What sort of crisis?" you ask. "And just how big is it?" That's the thing: YOU get to decide. Crisistown: A Choose Your Own Adventure Comedy is a scripted, interactive comedy show that puts you, the audience, in charge. YOU get to vote on what happens next. And YOU get to decide how it will end. All we know for certain is that there's a crisis. And it's pretty big. Starring: D'Arcy Carden, Johnathan Fernandez, Fran Gillespie, Brandon Scott Jones, Molly Lloyd, and John Murray Written by Leila Cohan-Miccio, Evan Greenspoon, Brandon Gulya, Matt Hunziker, Owen Parsons, and Michael Trapp Directed by Shannon O'Neill Assistant Directed by Jenny Bechem CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE and CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE IN OVAL are trademarks of Chooseco LLC, Waitsfield, VT () and are registered in the United States and Canada and may be registered internationally. Used with permission.