Radio Rogue: The Roguing

Life As We Know It #1 This year, The Roguing is cutting through all the bullshit, in ten parts. This month on the program, my guest will be Deb Wiik, Mayor of Big Stone, South Dakota. We're going to talk about civics, because a lot of you don't know what small town life in rural America is like. We're going to look at winners and losers from the year in must-have products and assess the Oscar contenders Lastly, we begin our countdown to the publication of my manifesto: Common Sense 2, Cosmic Boogaloo. Consider this your reality check, America, broadcast from a bunker in North Dakota. Listen as this latter-day love-child of Buddha and Cassandra guides you through the rocky shoals of this modern world to the shores of enlightenment. Ryan Karels aka Lush Rimbaugh aka MC Factual is the only talk jock out there keeping it real, but for real. Danger is all around us, and he is the canary in the cage. Recorded live at the UCBeast, The Roguing offers full twitter access and the kind of guests you just can't get anywhere else, people who put the ordinary in extraordinary. The Paradox Express has a complete internet presence. Check out the website and enjoy all the fun stuff on YouTube. /user/Paradox0000000001