Employee of the Month

Ever wonder what it’s like to have one of the best jobs in the world? Catie Lazarus does too. We have so much in common. Employee of the Month (EOTM) is an infectious mix of silly and wise—late night talk show meets Fresh Air. Come to a live taping and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.   Previous guests include Gloria Steinem, Rachel Maddow, Grover (Muppet not the past President). BEST OFFICE HOLIDAY PARTY! CATIE LAZARUS honors & interviews Decembers EmployeeS of the Month: Tony nominated actress, MARIA DIZZA (LOUIE & ORANGE is the NEW BLACK) Author & prison reform activist PIPER KERMAN (ORANGE is the New BLACK) Journalist JON RONSON (THIS AMERICAN LIFE & THE PSYCHOPATH TEST) Rockstar KATHLEEN HANNA (THE PUNK SINGER & The Julie Ruin) Plus comedy and music from The New Guys (SHOCKWAVE, Grey McMurray, & Eric Biondo) and a shurprise guest.