Kate McKinnon on Ice

A One-Woman Sketch-tacular! Singing! Dancing! Ice Skating! Conjoined Twins! Hoarders! Susan Boyle! "Kate McKinnon on Ice" has it all! Starring Kate McKinnon Directed by Neil Casey Flattering Quotes about Kate McKinnon: "Kate McKinnon earned a nomination for the ECNY's Emerging Comic Award in 2010, but how she hasn't emerged already as a comedy star is beyond me...Kate McKinnon is a joy to watch, and more people need to see her and feel that joy for themselves." - TheComicsComic.com “Among McKinnon's most popular characters is Fitzwilliam, a British boy whose only wish is to have a vagina.” – Wikipedia.com “To achieve Snookie’s infamous 'poof,' McKinnon uses two wigs.” – NYDailyNews.com “For fine silver metal clay work, one of the best experts is Kate McKinnon, author of Sculptural Metal Clay.” – jewelrymakingdaily.com (different Kate McKinnon)