Brad Sacks Gets a Handjob

Brad Sacks isn't your average 9th grader. He's dope at Magic cards, sick at spontaneously breaking into song, and dopely sick at dancing like a businessman. But Brad's life is about to change in the most awesome way possible -because Jessica Sanders, the hottest girl in school, is coming over to give him a handjob! Join Brad, his best friend Jake, his older brother Dan, and his sexually active and not at all gross parents, as he prepares for the most ill moment of his life. Nothing can possibly go wrong! Starring Tim Dunn, Michael Hartney, Aubrey Plaza, Paul Welsh, Beth Appel, Marcy Jarreau, and Dan Black Written by Adam Levy and Conor Izzett Directed by Beth Appel Original Music by Ben Krauss Artwork by Ramsey Ess "Narratively satisfying, ridiculously funny" "a work that is so well put together that it takes on the feel of a well-produced one act comedy." --ImprovisationNews