DING DONG MEOW: The Andrea Rosen Show

Ding Dong Meow is not about doorbells and it's not about cats. Sorry! It's Andrea Rosen's solo show about a guy named Gary, Madison-Wisconsin, Oprah, a bride with a hearing issue, Old Faithful, and diarrhea. It’s about saying and doing the wrong thing at the wrong time, and then telling everyone about it on stage. Written by Andrea Rosen Directed by John Flynn "Rosen keeps the crowd’s laughter rolling, delivering her canny material with a childlike excitement as a knowing smirk lingers on her lips." - Time Out New York "Rosen—and intuitive director (and acclaimed storyteller himself) John Flynn—have deftly mined Rosen’s considerable talents to create a refreshing one person vehicle that is naturally, uniquely her." - The G.L.O.C. "Rosen life-changing revelations are funny, nauseating and downright sentimental. Thankfully more of the former and the latter than the middle part." - TheComicsComic.com