BōF: It’s Pronounced ‘Boaf’!

They’re back and they’re taking names*! Mamrie Hart and Stephen Soroka are BōF, a two-person sketch group that specializes in fast paced wordplay. Come get to know this unapologetically silly duo in their BRAND NEW SHOW! Nominated for “Best Sketch Comedy Group” at the 2009 ECNY Awards! Come join the madcap, screwball party! * Of bars with reasonably priced cocktails. Let’s go get a drink! Starring Mamrie Hart & Steve Soroka Directed by Mike Still "Every sketch comprises mouthfuls of wordy repartee of which few words are ever wasted; each line serves a practical purpose. Jokes are both set up and called back in ways you rarely anticipate or, ironically, are so damned obvious and cheesy that you can't help but surrender a laugh." - TheApiary.org "In their latest show, “BoF: It’s Pronounced Boaf!” the duo combines upbeat dancing, dreams of pop stardom, the trials of unemployment, and the importance of Lifetime movies in a delightful and hilarious show." - TheApiary.org