UCBW AutumnSlamn

UCBW AutumnSlamn returns to the world famous UCBW Arena in the shadow of Madison Square Garden!

 The leaves are falling, but it'll be blisteringly hot when UCBW MegaStars appears in the squared circle! Hilarious REAL wrestling matches LIVE on the UCBW Network*

Get your tickets NOW! Only 14,000 seats available! 

Tag TitlesBeauty School (champs) vs Spooky Skeletons
Hardcore Title Iron Man MatchJustin Time (champ) vs Psycho Therapist
Trios Gauntlet MatchKings of New York (Wall $treet, Transit Cop, Buffalo Elmo) challenge all trios in UCBW
The Tomboy Title (Formerly the Women's Title)Tomboy (champ) vs Lara Mir Froot Boots Open Challenge

Main EventOlde Fishstix (champ) vs Razor Raymond with Doctor

Featuring Referee Robot Riley, Referee Tarzan & hosted by the Voices of the UCBW Uncle Eddie, Chuck McMahon & Chugger Deets!


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*show not actually available on any network