BILLY THE MIME Direct from a criticallyacclaimed run at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Billy (The Mime) returns toUpright Citizens Brigade in New York for one night only November 12th at 8:00PM. "How great it is to putyourself in the hands of a master. Even if that master is sick andtwisted...laugh-out-loud funny... simultaneously savage and sympathetic... a simply glorious hour ofinch-perfect, charcoal-dark clowning.” The Times **** (UK) Billy will presentsuch routines as Whitney Houston’s Last Bath, The Football Coach & The Little Boy,Movie Night in Colorado, The Navy Seal & Osama Bin Laden, The African American Experience!, Dinnerwith Jeffrey Dahmer, A Day Called 9/11, Thomas Jefferson & Sally Hemings: ANight at Monticello, Roman Polanski & The 13-Year Old Girl and more stuffif something really bad happens in the world. The show is not for theeasily offended! Billy appeared in Brazil atThe Risadaria Comedy Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He appeared inthe hit documentary The Aristocrats, onThe Jimmy Kimmel Show, Penn &Teller’s Bullshit! and Showtime’s TheGreen Room with Paul Provenza.