http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2599/3924000802_e7f8c878ea.jpg At the world famous UCBW Arena in the shadow of Madison Square Garden! It's the biggest pay-per-view Comedy Wrestling event of the summer! It's revenge. It's vengeance. It's hot Comedy Wrestling action as only the UCBW can bring you. It's the ninth annual... REVENGEANCE. Get your tickets NOW! Only 14,000 seats available! Rivalries have been brewing, and everything will come to a boil when the full roster of UCBW MegaStars appears in the squared circle! Hilarious REAL wrestling matches LIVE on Pay-Per-View!* THE MAIN EVENT: UCBW World Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship of the World: The Black Planet Himself: Marz (challenger) vs. The Douche (champion) If The Douche loses the title, he will retire! Hardcore Championship vs. Beard Match: Old Fishstix (champion) vs. Justin Time (challenger) Loser gets their beard shaved in the ring! Tag Team Championship Gauntlet Match: Featuring - Chikara's Fire Ant & Silver Ant of The Colony (champions) vs. The Bang Bros vs. The Party Boyz  Women's Championship Match: Bloody Mary vs. The Teenybopper vs. Queen Cheese Bed Bug & Bitsy Bradford as the special guest referees! Direct Deposit Match: Main $treet vs. Crust Punk vs. The Abominable Snowman Beach Cop's Fanny Pack Dirty Dozen MegaStar Invitational Rumble: Featuring - The Door Man, Laundry Matt, Sweet Daddy Jazz, The Parking Defendant, These Charming Men, Johnny 101, Broke Dad, #HeartThrob, Vance Deferens, Panda Special Attraction: Froot Boots will issue an Open Challenge Plus: The Beauty School, The Grandmas and TONS of surprises! Featuring: Referee Tarzan & hosted by the Voices of the UCBW – Uncle Eddie and Chuck McMahon! Follow us on Twitter: @UCBW "Like" us on Facebook: facebook.com/theUCBW Card subject to change. *show not actually available on pay-per-view Starring: Anthony Apruzzese Rich Armstead Pat Baer Ken Beck Alex Bedirian Anna Callegari Ellena Chmielewski Aileen Clark Eddie Dunn Mitchell Fesh Michael Fisher James Folta Daniel Fox Brentt Harshman Sean Hart Morgan Hill Gia Ingram Justin Lang Kyle Levenick Zach Linder Matt Little James McCarthy LeMar McLean Alexis Pereira Caitlin Puckett Peter Rawlings Randy Reiman Scott Reing Chelsea Scott Chet Siegel Rob Spenser Brandon Tarzis Charlie Todd John Zachary Townsend John Trowbridge Natasha Vaynblat Timmy Wood