Nephew Sketch Comedy: Barn Prom
Bonafide Comedy presents: Quantum Pam

Saturday, May 17 2014


UCBT Franklin

5919 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028


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Nephew presents "Barn Prom," a half-hour of their best sketches, featuring mom bands, nice guys, ex-gays, and other gross characters you'll have to see to believe. Then, you can go home. Nephew is a UCB sketch team that performs at UCB's Maude Night the second Wednesday of every month. Besides their home theater, Nephew has performed at San Francisco Sketchfest, UCB NY's Del Close Marathon, and more. Their collective credits include Community, Key & Peele, Arrested Development, Comedy Bang! Bang!, Kroll Show, Modern Family, Funny Or Die, The Onion, and other stuff.  Written: Leann Bowen, Nick Ciarelli, Bradford Evans, Mark Rennie, Juliet Seniff, Dhruv Uday Singh Featuring: Amy Heidt, Jeff Hiller, Olivia Norman, Greg Roman, Betsy Sodaro, Drew Tarver Directed by Jon Gabrus

Hoping to travel through time, Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into his Quantum Leap Accelerator...only to be pushed out of the way by his selfish assistant Pam Murphy.  She now leaps into important people throughout history, hoping to right what once went wrong.  But she'll probably screw it up.  Pam's kind of a monster. It's...Quantum Pam! Bonafide is in its 4th year as a House Sketch Comedy Team at UCBT-LA.  Besides their home theater, they have also performed at San Francisco Sketchfest, Sketchfest Seattle, The Comedy Central Stage, and more.  In addition, their videos have been featured on Funny or Die and The Huffington Post.  And they're all incredibly good-looking, so that's a nice bonus. Bonafide can be seen the 4th Wednesday of every month on Maude Night at UCBT-LA. Written by: Patrick Baker, Codi Fischer, Skander Halim, Allison Hord, Matt Manser, Jonny Svarzbein Performed by: Lilan Bowden, Drew DiFonzo Marks, Ryan Meharry, Pam Murphy, Dave Theune, Madeline Walter, and Jonny Svarzbein Directed by Courtney Davis