Bad Bride
Why We Broke Up

Thursday, October 24 2013


UCBT Chelsea

307 W. 26th St, New York, NY 10001


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What if the happiest day of your life brought out the worst in you? In this candid show Giulia Rozzi 'fesses up about being a depressed, drunk, coward that said I do" when she should have said "I don't."

Starring Giulia Rozzi 
Written by Giulia Rozzi
Directed by Brandy Barber

Allie Kokesh and Matthew Brian Cohen dated for eighteen months. Then they broke up. Maybe if they go through their relationship, scene by scene, they can figure out what happened. Or, it could just be a mess. Relationships are funny like that. Written by and starring Matthew Brian Cohen and Allie Kokesh Featuring Amanda Ratti and Josh Sharp Directed by Mike Lane