Teddy Roosevelt's Presidential Funk Pad

Friday, July 5


UCB Franklin

5919 Franklin Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90028

with Adam Pally, Thomas Middleditch, Nicole Byer, Brian Huskey, more!


×1 ticket = $5

(paid at the box office)

President Teddy Roosevelt invites you past the velvet rope into his heavenly champagne room, filled to the grotto with America's all-time VIP's. If you ever wanted to see Harriet Tubman do lines off Ben Franklin with a rolled up Bill of Rights, you've come to the right place. Hell, even Nixon is having a good time (yeah, he's up here, haters to the left). This is where the real Americans go when they die, if they could afford it! Hosted by: Mike Still Lee Rubenstein  Nicole Byer Lauren Lapkus Drew Tarver Dan Black And BASS GUITAR from FUNKY ANDREW JACKSON (Jack Dolgen) Featuring: Jennie Pierson and Phoebe Neidhardt Ronnie Adrian Josh Penn Boris Marissa Strickland Royal Bermuda Whiskey Club Matt Manser and Nicole Day Mike Carlson Lindsay Katai Nadia Osman John Ford Bradford Evans, Andrew Hansen, Hayley Huntley, Luke Klompien, Brittani Nichols, Jessica Seay-Klatt, Drew Spears and Sarah Stoecker Molly Jane Bretthauer Jake Regal Josh Simpson Steve Szlaga Joey Clift and David Brown