The 2017 Tony Awardz: A Musical Parody

Wednesday, January 9 2013


UCBT Chelsea

307 W. 26th St, New York, NY 10001


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See the future of Broadway today! The 2017 Tony Awardz parodies everything about Broadway ever. The nominated musicals have all the clichés and trends you love and love to hate! What musical will win? Will it be the Jukebox musical, the new musical based on a historical figure, the musical based on a movie, or the musical that rebels against all musicals? Find out at The 2017 Tony Awardz! Starring: Stephanie Streisand Michael Hartney Richard Armstead Adam Bozarth Caroline Cotter Matthew Frazier Douglas Widick Written by Stephanie Streisand Music by Rocco Privetera Lyrics by Stephanie Streisand & Rocco Privetera Directed by Evan Greenspoon Choreographed by Meagan Robar Videos Directed by Matt Braunsdorf Graphics by Adam Bozarth Publicity by Paul Siebold "The versatile cast, led by Michael Hartney as Peters, applies the right amount of absurd gravitas to the proceedings while displaying considerable vocal ammunition of its own." --Edge New York

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