UCB's Monthly Open Mic

Friday, December 28 2012


UCB Franklin

5919 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028


This is the UCB open microphone show. Come by and try to get a slot. Here is how it will work, based on a tremendous amount of research and market-testing. There are ten performance slots. You can start signing up thirty minutes before the show by writing your name on a slip of paper and throwing it in the bucket. Once the show begins, 10 names will be drawn. Those 10 people can sign up for spots 1-10, right of choice going to whoever gets picked in what order. Every performer gets 5 minutes. They'll get the light at 4 minutes, and then the music will kick in at 5. And that will be the end of their set. Come on out. It'll be fun. Herve Villechaize used to go to open microphones all the time. Hosted by Emily Maya Mills and Gilli Nissim