The State vs. Josh: The Trial of the Millennials
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Thursday, November 15 2012


UCBT Chelsea

307 W. 26th St, New York, NY 10001


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(paid at the box office) Josh Fitz is 27 years old, and while he may not have a job, or a girlfriend, or clothes that his mom didn't buy him, he's a grown up. Or at least he thought he was until a new law made it a crime to not grow up, and he was the first person arrested! Now Josh is on trial and it's not looking good. His teenage defense attorney is constantly tweeting, the Gen-X prosecutor won't stop talking about the Lemonheads, and the Baby Boomer judge is almost certainly high on mescaline. So come see The State vs. Josh: The Trial of the Millennials! Josh will need all the support he can get! Starring Davram Stiefler, Lydia Hensler, Ruby Karp, Rob Cuthill, Matt Fisher, Beth Appel, Shaun Diston and Lew Gardner Written by Adam Levy and Conor Izzett Directed by Beth Appel A Show about Modern Romance Doesn't it feel like real love is getting harder and harder to come by? Between the ever-changing standards of online culture and people's rising expectations of one another and themselves - it's hard to know who people really are and what they really want. This show follows a cast of characters as they try to navigate their way through the heartbreak and disappointment that is modern romance. Starring Kristen Acimovic Susan Casey James Dwyer Phillip Jackson Cathryn Mudon Connor Ratliff Molly Thomas John Zachary Townsend Written by Ellena Chmielewski & John Zachary Townsend Directed by Ellena Chmielewski Photo by Melissa Gomez