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Rejected Valentine's Day Heartbreak Haven in NY Post

Mar 9, 2015

Kristen Schaal
Daily Show comic Kristen Schaal wrote about working for FAO Schwarz.

GETTING rejected is the best!

 Well . . . when it comes to writing comedy material, that is.

Just look at Brooklynite Jon Friedman's new book, 'Rejected: Tales of the Failed, Dumped and Canceled' (Villard, $14), which celebrates the ultimate day of rejection - Valentine's Day - with a live event tomorrow night at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

Full disclosure: As a master of rejection myself, I will be performing in the show and have a piece in the anthology.

'Rejection is part of the process of becoming successful,' explains Friedman, 31, who recently started a job as a blogger for the in-development Late Night With Jimmy Fallon show. 'I wanted to demonstrate that how you deal with struggle is an important factor in reaching your goal. I'm not saying it doesn't hurt or suck when it happens, but the whole idea is to show you that it's not the end of the world.'

The book's quirky humor includes work by contributors from Saturday Night Live and Kids in the Hall, and ranges from Mike Albo's personal tale of betrayal ('Never go to the theater again with someone you like; it makes things seem too meaningful and aesthetic.') to Kristen Schaal of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart writing about working for FAO Schwarz ('I imagine that the wealthy clientele . . . like to pay more for toys because they need to clean out their money closets.').

Describing the book (and the show) as an 'alternative to feeling down,' Friedman says his rejection destiny coalesced in 2003 when he was chosen as the intern at Comedy Central to send back solicited material. Friedman also completed an internship at The New Yorker sending back rejected cartoons.

'One of my goals was to make people know that when they are rejected, they have an outlet,' he says. 'If you want, you can choose to have fun in the process.'

Friedman says the live show, which has been recurring for five years and has featured everything from rejected dance routines to a laugh-out-loud-funny encounter with Orbitz (watch clips at, is perfect entertainment for a holiday devoted to love.

'Valentine's Day is the specific day of the year where people feel rejected more than other days of the year,' he explains. 'It's a holiday that pays particular attention to being in love, and there are thousands of people who are not in love, not in a relationship.

'This show is the exact opposite of being home crying in your beer. You're out laughing with your beer.'

The Valentine's Day show runs tomorrow from 10:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, 307 W. 26th St. Tickets cost $10.
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Spike TV to air new comedy series created by Matt Walsh

Mar 9, 2015

Spike TV drinks up 'Players' comedy
Cable net greenlights series set in sports bar

Spike TV is buying the next round.

The cable network has given the green light to Players, a half-hour comedy set at a sports bar. It was created by Matt Walsh, one of the founders of the improv troupe Upright Citizens Brigade.

The original series, from Principato Young, revolves around a pair of brothers with opposite personalities trying to run their bar.

Production begins this month in Los Angeles, with the series slated to premiere in the summer.

Walsh also co-stars in Players as Bruce, a free spirit living out his fantasy by owning a sports bar, which gives him the opportunity to bet on games and hit on waitresses. His brother, Ken (Ian Roberts), meanwhile, tries to keep his eye on turning a profit.

The cast includes Danielle Schneider and James Pumphrey.

Walsh, Roberts and Jay Martel executive produce with Peter Principato, Paul Young, Tucker Voorhees and John Lynch of Devlin Entertainment.

Jason Woliner, who directed the presentation, is co-executive producing.

Walsh, a former correspondent on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, has appeared in such feature comedies as Old School and Bad Santa.
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Trailer released for "I Love You, Beth Cooper" starring Paul Rust

Mar 9, 2015

Paul Rust to star in 'Beth Cooper' 
Newcomer joins Panettiere in teen comedy

Newcomer Paul Rust will star in the Fox Atomic teen comedy I Love You, Beth Cooper. Hayden Panettiere has already boarded the film as the eponymous character.

Jack Carpenter, Lauren Storm and Lauren London have also joined the project, which follows the adventures of a geeky high school valedictorian (Rust) who decides he has nothing to lose by making a play for the popular cheerleader (Panettiere) and declares his love for her during his graduation speech.

Chris Columbus will direct the film, which he is also producing through his 1492 Pictures banner. Michael Barnathan and Mark Radcliffe also produce.

Project is based on a novel by former Simpsons scribe Larry Doyle, who penned the screenplay. Shooting is scheduled to start next month in Vancouver.

Rust's credits include New Line's upcoming comedy Semi-Pro.
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