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Mar 11, 2015

UCB Theatre congratulates 2008 High Times Stony Award WINNERS Doug Benson (Best Documentary, Super High Me) and Michael Busch, Curtis Rainsberry, Tim Saccardo & Jeff Sloniker (Best Internet Video, "Stonervention").

The High Times Stony Awards is in its eighth year and celebrates those movies, television shows and video games that respect and build upon the stoner lifestyle and culture. The Stonys are in a class by themselves! High Times magazine, long held to be the number one counterculture magazine in the world, is in its thirty-fourth year of publication.

Order 2008 High Times Stony Award Best Documentary nominee Super High Me starring Doug Benson.

Watch video and 2008 High Times Stony Award Best Internet Video nominee "Stonervention" written by Tim Saccardo and starring Michael Busch, Curtis Rainsberry & Jeff Sloniker.

Plus the "Stonervention" acceptance speech!

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LA CityBeat names UCBTLA 'Best Thing in Hollywood'

Mar 10, 2015

Real. Best. LA.

There are eight million stories in the naked city, but only about 130,000 of them are about naked people, and about 90,000 of those are kind of boring -- they all had the same ending -- and most of the rest aren't exactly the quality sort of naked a readership like this deserves. So instead we present the best of the real non-naked city of Los Angeles, where every neighborhood has something that deserves a story -- Brendan Fraser, perhaps, or Cinefamily or the Museum of Jurassic Technology or the Tam and Bigfoot Lodge or the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, or the Saban Center for Health and Wellness or Black Dog Coffee or the Great Wall of Los Angeles or Miss T's Barcade -- and the neighborhoods that don't are left to cower and cover their shame or are simply attached to a paragraph about K-Fed, the bringer of shame. (We still love you, Tarzana.) If it's not as titillating as you expected -- just like most real naked people -- you can at least be sure that we've stripped down to everything you'd really want to see.


Upright Citizens Brigade

In 2005, they heard the voice of society, begging, and so Antoine, Colby, Trotter and Adair -- better known as Upright Citizens Brigade founders Ian Roberts, Amy Poehler, Matt Walsh, and Matt Besser -- planted their second comedy academy across from the Scientology Center. From then on, the jokes wrote themselves. (With gentle help from the UCB's respected improv and sketch-writing instructors, of course.) Now the UCB is an L.A. comedy institution: doting mother to a sharp new breed of comics and home of the mighty ASSSSCAT improv, as well as current shows curated by Jeff Garlin and Judd Apatow. As they wish they could say at other institutes of higher learning: Through these doors pass the most hilarious people in the world.

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Violet Krumbein's "Human Painkiller" Reviewed on

Mar 10, 2015

Review: Violet Krumbein's 'Human Painkiller'

Dazzling. Startling. Laugh-out-loud hilarious. Violet Krumbein's one-woman romp is called 'Human Painkiller,' and for good reason, because I'm not sure how anyone can still feel pain after a half-hour with Krumbein, unless you're hurting from laughing so much. In black tights, sparkly gold miniskirt, fanny pack and tap shoes, Krumbein grabs your attention from the start and never lets go in a multi-character farce of outrageous proportions. 

Some may compare Krumbein with Gilda Radner. I think of her show more as though Radner got to play in Pee-Wee's Playhouse. There's a song-and-dance number about hating pills, several love interests, happy fun glove, flashbacks, sound cues and a downright dangerously silly sex scene. At one point, Krumbein declares: 'It kills me that such a beautiful woman has such horrible mental problems.' You're meant to think of this as a moment of self-deprecation. And yet I don't find anything wrong with her at all. Director Megan Neuringer said she didn't exactly try to rein Krumbein in, but rather has worked with her in terms of structure so the audience 'knows this is all deliberate.' It's not haphazard at all. It's very deliberately absurd and funny.

In a note to friends on Facebook, Krumbein warned: 'the show is offensive to Russians, Jews, Gays, Old People, Activists, Health Aides, Rich People, Epileptics, sufferers of Von Willebrand Disease, Healers, and Inventors.' More importantly, it's only offensive to people who lack a sense of humor.

Go see Violet Krumbein in 'Human Painkiller,' 8 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 15 at the UCB Theatre in NYC. Dates in November and December to be scheduled.
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