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UCBT in Brooklyn Tonight - NINE O'CLOCK SHADOW

Mar 23, 2015

The UCB Theatre Presents: NINE O'CLOCK SHADOW

@ TRASH in Williamsburg

(256 Grand St. between Driggs and Roebling)

See hilarious improv comedy from the UCB Theatre's top performers.
Every other Monday, at 9:00. A different line-up every time.

SIX BUCKS gets you in for the night including the bands after the comedy and OPEN BAR from 9:00 - 10:00.


DIRECTIONS: Take the L train to the Bedford stop. (the first stop in Brooklyn coming from Manhattan) Walk south on Bedford Ave. 10 short blocks to Grand St. Take a left at Grand St. and walk a block and a half. The Trash Bar will be on your right side just before hitting Roebling. Look for the large black awning.
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Celebrate 4/20! - Get High with the UCB Theatre

Mar 23, 2015

Hey Man, It's 4/20! Spark Up That Doobie!

Come celebrate everything about weed with a night of sketches by some of the UCBT's favorite comedians. Show written and concieved totally while high.

Yeah, man....

Where's my Doritos? Ah! Dude! These are Fritos! No, I'll eat them. I was just in the mood for Doritos. Still, pretty good...Ah, shit! I just wrote all that down for some reason!

Written and Performed by: Neil Casey, Curtis Gwinn, John Gemberling, Andy Rocco, Anthony Atamanuik, Jawnee Conroy, Julie Klausner and many more.

Wednesday, April 20



Followed by a special 4/20 performance of 'The 'Dark Side of the Moon' Show' at 9:30pm.

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SITH IN THE CITY: A Night of Star Wars Comedy

Mar 19, 2015

In honor of the impending theatrical release of the latest epistle from George Lucas...

You are Invited to a Live Taping of the Darth Vader Talk Show!

Everyone from Endor to Outer Gungan Knows that there is only one Dark Ruler of Late Night TV, Darth Vader. Join Darth and Kevin Vader (His younger 1/2 brother) for a special episode of their interplanetary award winning nightly talk show celebrating REVENGE OF THE SITH. As always they are joined by the Mos Eisely Cantina Band and perform the show under the watchful and sarcastic eye of Emperor Palpatine.

Guests include: Jar Jar Binks, John Williams, Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), The Director of The Star Wars Holiday Special, Anthony Daniels (C-3PO), and many more...

Plus: Stupid Jedi Tricks and a Erotic Star Wars Fan Fiction, More Deleted Scenes, and Films from Sean Conroy and Luke Ward.

Starring These Star Wars Nerds: Andrew Secunda, Chad Carter, Jesse Falcon, Glennis McMurray, Eliza Skinner, Brian Fountain, Jon Daly, Brett Gelman, Chad Carter, Owen Burke, Jack Helmuth, Eric Appel, Rob Lathan, Rob Huebel, Eric Linn, Aziz Ansari, Alison Becker, Nick Kroll, Curtis Gwinn, John Gemberling, Chris Gethard, Scott Brown, Anthony King and Paul Scheer.

Wednesday, May 18


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