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Blackballed Wins Audience Award at SXSW

Mar 25, 2015

Blackballed: the Bobby Dukes Story won the Audience Award at the 2004 South by Southwest Film Festival.

Blackballed features many members of the UCB Theatre, including (take a deep breath):

Rob Corddry

Paul Scheer

Dannah Feinglass

Rob Riggle

Curtis Gwinn

Seth Morris

Rob Huebel

Jamie Denbo

Jack McBrayer

Owen Burke

Brendan Burke

Billy Merritt

Ed Helms

Andrew Secunda

Sean Conroy

Brett Gelman

Jon Daly

Vadim Newquist

Josh Perilo

Wendy Spero

John Gemberling

John Ross Bowie

David Berman

Congratulations to Blackballed!

for more info, check out

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Crossballs to debut on July 6

Mar 25, 2015


COMEDY CENTRAL introduces a new take on the traditional debate show format, where comedians pose as experts and debate real people who don't know the show is fake. Out of the Crossfire, beyond Hardball, this is Crossballs: The Debate Show, premiering Tuesday, July 6 at 7:30 p.m. Each half-hour episode will debut on Tuesday through Thursdays for eight consecutive weeks.

, hosted by Chris Tallman, puts unsuspecting real people, experts in their field, against characters played by comedians in a heated debate on current issues. The show includes other bogus elements, including fake TV magazine stories, commercials, and additional 'experts' who appear via phony satellite feeds. Shot in front of a live audience, Crossballs is a smart, comedic spoof of programs such as Crossfire, Hardball with Chris Matthews, and the entire Fox News Network. Characters breathe life into stodgy old debates, with opinions like:

Sports stars should be kept in cages. 

People should be allowed to hunt animals with their cars. 

We should all have the right to marry food. 

Immigrants would be happier on the moon. 

Fixing bad neighborhoods starts with dressing the homeless as clowns. 

Fashion is a gay conspiracy. The Crossballs cast includes: Chris Tallman, the host, comedians Matt Besser, Jerry Minor, Andrew Daly and Mary Birdsong. These comedians portray different characters in each episode. They pose as "experts" and bewilder real people -- true experts who aren't in on the joke. In the debut episode, the heated debate is on Reality TV. Besser plays a Reality TV star who believes that true actors are 'liars' and says it takes more talent to eat bugs than act. Also, Andrew Daly plays a mentally challenged, wannabe reality star who doesn't understand why he can't volunteer to be pranked on a hidden camera show.

They debate against real experts, a professional actor of stage and screen and a casting director for Reality TV shows, who are outraged and baffled but never realize the whole show is a joke. In the second episode, Besser portrays a driving instructor who teaches 'offensive driving,' and believes women should not be allowed to drive SUV's. Jerry Minor plays a taxi driver who claims he's mastered the art of drunk driving. When the discussion turns to the topic of elderly driving, Mary Birdsong argues that the elderly 'unlearn' how to drive as they get older, and at age 55 should be forced to paint their cars bright orange to identify themselves. 

Chris Tallman, host of Crossballs, has appeared on Reno 911 and The Jamie Kennedy Experiment. Matt Besser, improv actor and one of Crossballs executive producers, was a creator and performer in Upright Citizens Brigade. Another improv actor, Andrew Daly, was a cast member on Mad TV. Jerry Minor is a former cast member of Saturday Night Live and HBO's Mr. Show with Bob and David. Mary Birdsong was a cast member on CBS's Welcome to New York. Crossballs repeats Wednesday through Fridays at 1:00 p.m. Credits for Crossballs include Charlie Siskel and Matt Besser as executive producers with Zoe Friedman serving as the executive in charge of production for COMEDY CENTRAL.

COMEDY CENTRAL, the only all-comedy network, currently is seen in more than 85 million homes nationwide. COMEDY CENTRAL is owned by Comedy Partners, a wholly-owned division of MTV Networks. COMEDY CENTRAL is a registered trademark of Comedy Partners. COMEDY CENTRAL's Internet address is .
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UCBT and the RNC

Mar 24, 2015

Upright Citizens Brigade National Convention

On Monday August 30th The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre presents the Upright Citizens Brigade National Convention in support of our freedom to protest. The UCB Theatre will remain open during the operating hours of the Republican National Convention. Located in the heart of Chelsea and blocks away from Madison Square Garden the theatre will offer a variety of events each day including training sessions for potential activists, workshops for people wanting their voice heard and even a blood drive.

The doors of the theatre will remain open throughout the day to provide a free space for protesters to get out of the heat, use the bathroom, and get re-hydrated. Through a partnership with New York Blood Center a blood drive on August 31st will help to alleviate the depleted blood supply in New York City.

Every evening the UCB Theatre will continue to run its full schedule of comedy with shows that reflect the spirit of cutting edge, "Nothing-is-sacred" humor in which the theatre was founded.

Monday at 10:00pm A Benefit for the Memphis 3 as revealed in the critically acclaimed documentary Paradise Lost. All proceeds from this event will support the defense of Damien Echols. Featuring and all-star lineup including David Cross, Horatio Sanz, Matt Walsh of the Upright Citizens Brigade and a World premiere video by Yo La Tango and more. Advance tickets are on sale for $20.

On Thursday at 8:00pm UCB Theatre is proud to announce the premiere of George Bush is a Motherfucker: An Evening of Contemporary Political Satire. What else has our President given us besides a failing economy, another Vietnam, and out of control gas prices? A hilarious comedy conceived and produced by Anchorman writer and director Adam Mckay.

Other Shows include "Bush/Cheney '04nicators"; "Dick Cheney says, "Fuck Off!"; "FCC = Fascist Censoring Controlfreaks"; "Young Republican = Virgin: Republican't"; "Real Real World White House, Hear No Enron, See No Enron, Speak No Enron"; and "What's the Deal With North Korea?";

The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater is located at 307 West 26th Street (at 8th Avenue) in New York City. For information, and to sign up to donate blood call the UCB Theater at 212/366-9176. Advance Tickets, reservations and additional information can be found at

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