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NBC and The UCB Theatre NY's 6th Annual Diversity Scholarship

May 18, 2016

NBC will offer scholarships to students of the UCB Training Center NYC. 

A live "Finalists Showcase" will be scheduled in late summer at the UCB Theatre for 10 finalists selected by the Artistic Director of the UCB Theatre NY and NBC. The 2016 Diversity Scholar will be selected by both UCBT and NBCU executives based on the performances at the showcase. 

The scholarship recipient must be located in or around New York City. The recipient will be responsible for their own transportation costs to and from New York City for classes. If the recipient is eligible, the scholarship can be used for UCB Advanced Classes (specific classes based on availability). 


This scholarship seeks to celebrate voices that are underrepresented in professional comedy jobs. Unfortunately, that tends to be anyone who isn't a straight white male in their 20s. So, we invite all performers, particularly women and people from diverse backgrounds less commonly seen on the comedy stages of NYC, who are currently house performers at an improv theater or have completed a core improv course at a recognized longform improv theatre/school. In other words, this scholarship is not for beginners, but for folks with some comedy experience already under their belt. 



Diversity Scholarship Finalist Showcase Date: Thursday August 18, 7pm, UCBT East Village 

--semi-finalists will be notified by August 5th; semi-finalists will audition for NBC and UCBT in a private audition; finalists to perform at public showcase will be chosen from private semi-finalist audition


All applications must completely and correctly fill out a google form ( that must include the following materials: 

Create a 3 minutes or less video showing us who you are. Videos exceeding 3 minutes will not be watched and your submission will not be considered. Please tell us why you are a good candidate for the program, a description of your diverse background, and who your comedic role models are and why. The video should also include a short performance of a sketch, stand-up, character monologue and/or comedic bit that you have written. You may use other performers in your video if needed. Be creative!

In addition to performance footage, please make sure to explicitly answer the following questions:

- Why do you think you are a good candidate for this scholarship? 

- Name the performer who most inspires you. Why?

Video format: Link to performance, youtube preferred. 
Do NOT send a link/format that requires downloading (like YouSendIt, dropbox etc). 
It will not be watched and your submission will not be considered. 

2. Link to Headshot & Resume
A performance resume or a list of your performance or comedy background. Please specify which core improv program you have completed, and/or the theater where you currently perform.

You must fill in all requested contact information. 

Google Form must be completely and correctly filled in or your submission will not be taken into consideration. Here is a link to the form again

If you have any questions that have not been answered above, you can email UCBTNY Artistic Director Shannon O'Neill spo at ucbcomedy dot com. Please use the Subject: NBC/UCBT Scholarship_your name 

We look forward to your submissions!
Src: Hilary Kissinger
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Mar 28, 2016
By: Julien Darmoni

UCB Theatre is proud to serve as a resource for new and emerging comedic talent.  Congratulations UCB performers and alumni who were cast in or produced pilots for the 2016 TV season, including: 

Rebecca Addelman (ep) - The First Wives Club, TV Land 

Eric Appel (d, co-ep) - Son of Zorn, FOX 

John Ross Bowie - Speechless, ABC 

Owen Burke (ep) - Do You Want To See A Dead Body?, Comedy Central

Nicole Byer - Untitled Nicole Byer, MTV 

D'Arcy Carden - Good Place, NBC 

Wyatt Cenac - People of Earth, TBS 

Jessica Chaffin - I'm Not Your Friend, CBS 

Adam Conover (ep, cast) - No Dumb Questions, TruTV

Eugene Cordero - Crunch Time, NBC

Andy Daly - Chunk & Bean, ABC 

Jon Daly - Untitled Laura Steinel, FOX 

Johnathan Fernandez - Lethal Weapon, FOX

Brian Gallivan (w, ep) - Hail Mary, ABC 

John Gemberling - Overanalyzers, Comedy Central 

Kirby Howell-Baptiste - Downward Dog, ABC 

Rob Huebel (cast, w, ep) - Do You Want To See A Dead Body?, Comedy Central

Brian Huskey - People of Earth, TBS 

Luka Jones - People of Earth, TBS 

Moshe Kasher (cast, ep) - Problematic with Moshe Kasher

Hannah Kasulka - The Exorcist, FOX 

Echo Kellum (cast, ep) - Overanalyzers, Comedy Central 

Kassia Miller (w) - Imaginary Friend, NBC

Megan Neuringer - Imaginary Friend, NBC O

livia Norman - Bad Couple, Comedy Central 

Griffin Newman - The Tick, Amazon

Veronica Osorio - Untitled Laura Steinel, FOX 

Adam Pally - Making History, FOX 

Nasim Pedrad (cast, w, ep) - Chad: An American Boy, FOX 

Aubrey Plaza - Legion, FX

Amy Poehler (ep) - Untitled Amy Poehler, NBC 

Diona Reasonover - Charity Case, FOX 

Paul Scheer (ep) - Bad Guys, Adult Swim 

Jenny Slate - Untitled Gillian Robespierre, FX 

Chris Smith - Untitled Matt Hubbard/Mike Schur, NBC 

Noel Wells (cast, w, ep) - Bad Couple, Comedy Central 

Alice Wetterlund - People of Earth, TBS 

Tracey Wigfield (w, ep) - Untitled Tracey Wigfield, NBC 

Jessica Williams (cast, w, ep) - Untitled Jessica Williams, Comedy Central

Casey Wilson - Hail Mary, ABC 

Casey Wilson - One Mississippi, Amazon

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How a sex toy company uses comedy to deliver pleasure

Nov 10, 2015

The $15 billion sex toy industry is booming, and it's expected to grow an additional 250% by 2020 according to business site TheStreet.  But despite its success, the sex toy industry faces numerous marketing and communications challenges due to the adult nature of their products.

That's why sex toy company We-Vibe took the unique approach of " people in a way that they can feel more comfortable with," says Denny Alexander (a marketing communications manager at We-Vibe parent Standard Innovation) in a recent article in PR Week.

In order to engage its consumers in a fun and playful way, We-Vibe partnered with Upright Citizens Brigade (the comedy theatre, school and video juggernaut built by Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Ian Roberts & Matt Walsh) for a bunch of sexy, funny events. UCB hosted shows in its New York and Los Angeles theatres that used audience Q&As with guests from We-Vibe to inspire improv by some of their premier performers. We-Vibe also sponsored some of UCB's performances at SXSW last March, including the massively popular Asssscat.

One of the most exciting events of the partnership was a Google Hangout event titled "Ask a We-Vibe Sexpert All Your Burning Questions," in which UCB comedians Fran Gillespie (SNL) and Nicole Byer (Girl Code) talked to We-Vibe "Global Passion Ambassador" Tristan Weedmark about audience-submitted sex questions. In addition to being informative and educational, the conversation between the three women was predictably hilarious. The hangout was hosted on and garnered 509,000 impressions.

We-Vibe & UCB's successful collaboration is a great example of how businesses can use comedy to connect with their customers and build positive brand awareness. Not to mention some great buzz. (We're sorry, we had to.)
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