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Sirius XM to Broadcast Del Close Marathon Live All Weekend

Feb 23, 2015

Sirius XM to broadcast Del Close improv marathon live all weekend 

The Colbert Report, 30 Rock, Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, The Upright Citizens Brigade, Human Giant, The League, Parks and Recreation, Community.

Are you a fan of any one of these TV shows? Are you subscribed to Sirius XM radio? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then you are in for a massive treat. Sirius XM Radio will be airing all the events from The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre's 12th Annual Del Close Improv Marathon live in its entirety.

The three-day event begins Friday, July 30, and will feature performances by many comedians from the TV shows listed above, including Horatio Sanz, Scott Adsit, Rob Huebel, Ben Schwartz, Donald Glover, and three of the members of the original Upright Citizens Brigade members - Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh - among many other improv troupes from across the country.

To kick off the marathon The Upright Citizens Brigade theatre will throw an exclusive one-night-only performance, called Radio Underground, airing this Thursday, July 29th at 1 pm EST and 9:00 pm EST on the Raw Dog Comedy channel.

The show will be hosted by Besser, Roberts and Walsh with featured performers Stephanie Allynne, Chris Gethard, Michael Hartney, Jamie Kilstein, Nate Lang, Joe Mande, Amber Nelson, Shannon O'Neill and Joe Wengert.

You can tune into the marathon on SIRIUS XM Comedy Showcase, SIRIUS Internet Radio, SIR channel 814, and XM Radio Online, XMRO channel 93. Completely uncensored highlights and live cut-ins will air on Raw Dog Comedy, SIRIUS channel 104 and XM channel 150.
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UCB's Matt Walsh To Appear At The Frugal Muse in Darian, IL on Friday, August 6th

Feb 23, 2015

UCB's Matt Walsh To Appear at The Frugal Muse in Darian, IL 

Matt Walsh will be appearing at his home town bookstore, The Frugal Muse, this Friday Aug 6th, from 7-9 pm. The store is located in Darien, IL at 75th and Lemont Rd (right behind the Homerun Inn Pizza). Come by for this huge homecoming event and say high to one of Darien's most esteemed citizens.
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Time Out New York Gives UCBT's The Paul Downs Syndrome Four Stars

Feb 23, 2015

The Paul Downs Syndrome

The character actor scores with this showcase.

FUNNY DISPOSITION Downs channels optimism.

If a sketch or solo show doesn't have a point-a through line, an overarching thesis, a story to tell-then it had better be funny. The Paul Downs Syndrome, playing Wednesday 11 and Wednesday 18 at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, is very funny indeed.

Paul W. Downs made a name for himself starring in Internet shorts created with his comedy partner, Lucia Aniello (who directs Syndrome), including their most recent, a music video for a fictional Turkish pop star named Tudu. The singer, played by a buff and spray-tanned Downs, is equal parts machismo and sentimentality. He is as fond of animal-print thongs as he is of openly crying, and he makes an appearance in Syndrome, Downs's first live showcase, which will leave you wanting more.

An exploited child actor tries to remain enthusiastic in the midst of a breakdown. A haggard cop has a special skill for extracting eyewitness accounts from babies. Most of his sketches are character-based, but not all of them: The show breathes and shines in absurd vignettes, such as an existential debate involving Murphy Brown and a video series featuring celebrity cameos (we won't spoil who) that provide more than just a wow factor.

Every bit in Syndrome possesses a manic energy. The characters, though frequently misguided, share an unflagging spirit: Following a severe dental accident, a Starbucks employee still wants to help; a vaguely Slavic and terrifyingly upbeat MTV Europe VJ screams meaningless platitudes, such as "This could be your yes it can!" Nothing will stop them from succeeding. The same could be said for Downs.

See The Paul Downs Syndrome on Wednesday, August 11th and 18th at the UCB Theatre. Click
to make reservations.
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