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CELEBRITY FUNERAL: Sarah Jessica Parker Reviewed in the NY Daily News

Feb 25, 2015

Brian Berrebbi

Upright Citizens Brigade holds funeral service for Sarah Jessica Parker and her dead career

Sarah Jessica Parker is alive and kicking her Manolos, but her celebrity is a different story.

The lukewarm premiere of Sex and the City 2 has proven what we have all been suspecting of late: the A-list star is dead.

So, performer Mamrie Hart and comedy troupe The Upright Citizens Brigade did what's right and held a funeral service Wednesday to officially bury SJP's once rising star.

'She wasn't Jewish,' said Mario Cantone (played by Brian Berrebbi), 'but her nose was.'

Sadly, Parker's SATC cast members failed to show, presumably too broken up to attend, though there were plenty of other celebrities on hand for the funeral.

Chelsea Handler (Mary Grill) raised a glass to the 45-year-old star and said, 'She was the master of the ballerina formal dress and the extremely tight ponytail.'

She added that SJP showed the world how women can drink in the middle of the week with class.

'When I drink martinis,' Handler said, 'I eat gas station food and punch cops in the face.'

Podiatrist to the stars, Dr. Hilda Kaufman (Katie Schorr), saw the untimely death coming. The cause: a massive bunion cluster. Strappy sandals clomping on meatpacking cobblestones were the accessory to murder.

The first warning sign of foot fatality? Horse face.

A star of screen until the very end, Parker videotaped her will and left her trailer to her SATC cast mates. In between gnawing on carrots and sugar cubes, her UCB alter ego wistfully declared, 'To my husband, I leave my blinders which I wore the whole time you were having the affair. To my brothers and sisters, the Budweiser Clydesdales, I leave my shoes. My horse shoes.'

Architect Heather Tranf (D'Arcy Erokan) designed the Parker memorial. A gigantic bronze statute, it depicts Parker on her stomach, feet in the air, tapping at her Mac as she yaks on the phone. Located at Bleecker and 11th St., it's conveniently close to cupcake mecca Magnolia Bakery. SJP pilgrims will enter the memorial between her legs to be led directly to the underground shopping arcade.
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What's Going On? with Mike Mitchell profiled in LAist

Feb 25, 2015

What's Going On? With Mike Mitchell

In the entertainment industry, everything is about "being prepared". People have to look the part, know their lines, keep a script in their back pocket, and produce business cards like ninja stars with a flick of the wrist. Indeed, that great scientific milkman Louis Pasteur himself is quoted as saying "chance favors the prepared mind". So then what exactly is going on with Mike Mitchell? "Nothing much", if you ask him. But that doesn't seem quite right.

As a comedian, it's an easy enough answer. Besides penning jokes for this year's MTV Movie Awards, Mike "Mitch" Mitchell is a regular Harold Night improviser at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (UCB) on Franklin Ave.. He's also 1/7th of the best sketch comedy group in Los Angeles, The Birthday Boys. As a new monthly show at UCB, however, the answer to What's Going On? With Mike Mitchell is a bit more elusive.

One Saturday a month, the UCB stage is transformed from a slightly dingy paint-black stage to a slightly dingy late night talk show studio in Mitchell's honor. There's the cityscape background, old school microphone that's attached to nothing, cue cards, coffee mugs emblazoned with the host logo, and even a helpful group of techies supporting the whole operation while wearing TEAM MITCH t-shirts. And when the lights come up and the man of the hour emerges, tucked woefully into a suit and already beaming, it becomes immediately apparent that the only one who doesn't know What's Going On, is Mitchell himself.

"I honestly don't know anything about it", says Mitchell of the monthly comedy show that bears his name. See, the entire thing is crafted without his knowledge, and barely his consent. The comedy bits, the jokes, the guests - it's all completely unknown to the man behind the desk. "I think (everyone who works on the show) is paranoid about me finding out anything", he says. "They think that when I'm honestly surprised and the audience is surprised with me, the show does the best." In recent months, Mitchell has been forced into learning tantric yoga, been covered with snakes, and cluelessly delivered more monologue jokes than Jay Leno. Oh, and lest we forget the celebrity interviews. In the short run since the show's inception, Mitchell has given couch time to James Marsden ("We talked about X-Men. I got to nerd out with him and that was amazing"), Jim Parsons, Gillian Jacobs, Aubrey Plaza and a slew of others. Yet with each new turn, Mitchell shows an uncanny MacGuyver-like ability to giggle out of any hairy situation. "A lot of times I don't know what to ask these people," he says. "Now I just try to treat it like a date. I guess my dating skills are terrible."

And that's the best part of the show. The lightly-bearded, squinty-smiling Mitchell just oozes a semi-nerdy brand of Charm 2.0 that you can't explain, but is completely infectious. True to form, Mitchell chimes in: "I've just been loving it so far; and as long as they want me to keep doing it I'll do it. I'm in no position to say no to a show like that." His honest, in-the-moment rollercoaster reactions to the dramatic irony hanging heavy around him are simultaneously engrossing, endearing, and really effing funny. And so, once a month, at midnight inside the UCB Theatre, it becomes abundantly clear that What's Going On? With Mike Mitchell matters less than the man, the Mitch, the legend himself.
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UCBT's Aziz Ansari and Donald Glover to Receive Awards at This Year's Just For Laughs Montreal Festi

Feb 25, 2015

Just For Laughs Montreal to fete The Second City, Glee writers, Aziz Ansari and Donald Glover in 2010

Just For Laughs has announced it'll honor The Second City with a lifetime achievement award and Glee with its comedy writers of the year award when JFL convenes in Montreal next month. The festival also has created two additional awards to recognize the star power of comedians Aziz Ansari and Donald Glover -- Ansari will receive the 'Breakout Comedy Star of the Year Award' while Glover will get the 'Rising Comedy Star of the Year Award.'

Among those on hand from The Second City will be the organization's president, Andrew Alexander, as well as Colin Mochrie, Fred Willard and other members to be announced later. They'll be taking part in a live panel discussion, 'The Second City -- The First 50 Years,' to take place Thursday, July 15. They'll get their award the following day, July 16, at the annual Comedy Conference luncheon.

Ian Brennan, meanwhile, will accept the 'Comedy Writer of the Year Award' at the same luncheon on behalf of his fellow writers and producers of Glee (Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy).

The festival is saying Ansari's award 'is reserved for the comedian/actor who has made the jump from talented star to super-stardom,' while Glover's award 'is reserved for a talent who is the NEXT BIG THING.'

In addition to these new awards, JFL Montreal also is launching what it's calling its Insider Series this summer. Among the events from July 14-17, 2010: The premiere screening and a Q&A for Exporting Raymond, with Phil Rosenthal trying to adapt Everybody Loves Raymond into a Russian sitcom; discussions with Kevin Smith, the cast of Childrens' Hospital, JB Smoove as Curb Your Enthusiasm's Leon Black, The Trailer Park Boys, Kenny Vs. Spenny, and the Not Inappropriate Show with Bob Odenkirk.

Tickets are available for all of these events at

Comedy fans can also look into a $99 Comicpro Fan Pass for $99 (CDN) at

Industry passes and more information about the Comedy Conference can head to

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