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Aubrey Plaza is Rolling Stone's 2009 Hot Comic

Mar 4, 2015

Hot Comic: Aubrey Plaza

When Aubrey Plaza shows up to lunch in Manhattan one recent afternoon, she's a little embarrassed to be escorted by a publicist. 'It's like getting dropped off by your mom on a first date,' she says as she rolls her eyes. 'I'm still getting used to the whole thing.'

The 'whole thing' is Plaza's fast rise from an obscure Upright Citizens Brigade comedian (check out her ace impersonation of Sarah Silverman on YouTube) to landing a plum gig on Amy Poehler's new show Parks and Recreation, which was just renewed for a second season. On the series, Plaza plays the bored, disaffected intern who's mentored by Poehler. Comic acting is not something the Delaware native is totally comfortable with: 'Growing up, I was more like Reese Witherspoon in Election,' she says, but she's getting used to it. 'Seeing myself on TV is like a mixture of 'I can't believe this is happening' and 'I want to kill myself.''

Next up? Plaza has a spot in Judd Apatow's Funny People, where she plays an aspiring comedian who dates Seth Rogen's character. 'We have a make-out scene,' she says with a smile. 'It went great - on top of a car. You know how they all go.' And she's gearing up to film Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, a graphic novel adaptation about a musician-turned superhero, starring Michael Cera.

'I play this, like, crazy bitch who works in a record store and throws all these parties,' she says. 'All the cast is learning cool stuff, like fight training and band practice. I'm not learning any new skills for my character. Except bad customer service.'
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Steve & Jordan, Respectively Returns to UCBT June 10th & 13th

Mar 4, 2015

Steve and Jordan, Respectively

Jordan Klepper and Steve Waltien are thrilled to bring their critically acclaimed two-person sketch show to New York City. Named one of the funniest moments of 2008 by Time Out Chicago, Jordan and Steve are Steve and Jordan Respectively is an introspective, empathetic look into what it means to be on the verge of something, looking back on past mistakes, and wondering what's next. . . through sketch comedy. Funny and honest, biography blends with fiction as Steve and Jordan attempt to address the issues that they encounter looking down the barrel of 30. These issues come to life in scenes, monologues and inner monologues with characters ranging from a pair of astronauts to a bestiality-inclined Sudanese farmer, to two struggling actors.

". . . a practically flawless sketch revue." - Chicago Reader (Critic's Choice)

"Simple but exceedingly smart, it is among the best sketch shows in Chicago right now." - Chicago Tribune

". . . a crafty, theatrical hybrid of neurotic first-person confessions and top-shelf sketch that borders on performance feels just as dramatically sound, culturally relevant and honest in performance as any contemporary theater piece." -Time Out Chicago

Jordan Klepper and Steve Waltien have been performing improv and sketch comedy together for over six years in Chicago. They are founding members of the hit shows Whirled News Tonight and The Late Night Late Show at the iO Theatre, where they are both faculty members and play on house ensembles. They have toured all over the world for The Second City and just finished the second season their college sports show Friday Night Tailgate on the Big Ten Network.

Wednesday June 10th @ 8pm


Click here for reservations

Also Apppearing at SketchFestNYC

Saturday, June 13th at 8pm

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UCBT show WORST LAID PLANS to be published as a book

Mar 4, 2015

Laura Kindred
UCBT show Worst Laid Plans -- a first-person storytelling show focusing on "true stories of terrible sex" and created by Alexandra Lydon and Laura Kindred -- will published as a book in May 2010 by Abrams Image. Lydon and Kindred are currently in the process of adapting the show to the written page.
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