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Rob Corddry web series Childrens Hospital wins 2009 Webby Award

Mar 6, 2015

Congratulations to Childrens Hospital, winner of the 2009 Webby Award in the Comedy: Long Form or Series category. Series was created, written and directed by Rob Corddry. Corddry also stars with fellow UCBTLA performers Rob Huebel, Nick Kroll, Seth Morris, Ed Helms and John Bowie.
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LA Weekly Comedy Pick: Molly Prather in F**k, Marry, Kill

Mar 6, 2015

Molly Prather -- That Girl Gets Raunchy!

The bartending comedian performs Fuck, Marry, Kill at Upright Citizens Brigade

Molly Prather recently brought us her one-woman show "That Girl," not to be confused with the Marlo Thomas series of the late '60s (she's probably too young to remember it, anyway). Now she's back with Fuck, Marry, Kill, 'a collection of unfortunately true stories that will make you feel better about all your crazy exes.'

L.A. WEEKLY: Prather - what kind of name is that?

MOLLY PRATHER: A last one. I'm still single and haven't had to change it for the man of my dreams' last name.

Who do people say you look like?

Monica Lewinsky (sad emoticon).

You were a bartender for eight years. Did you ever finish other people's drinks? Ever kick someone out?

I've finished people's drinks in a 'You're a pussy, I'm not' sort of way. But never in a sad, sneaky 'I just can't get enough' sort of way. I've kicked many the over-hydrated jack-hole out of my bar. It's one of the best parts of being a bartender -- when someone is being a completely a unreasonable, intolerable jackass you can make them leave. You don't get to do that if you work at Starbucks. At the bar I work at on Hollywood Boulevard, I recently kicked Superman and Elvis out for trying to pull a hustle on one of my customers. I felt all-powerful.

You moved here from New York -- are we really less intellectual?

My friend Sean Conroy says it best: 'I love living in Los Angeles. I love being able to walk around and never having to worry about being outwitted.'

What do you hate most about living here? What do you love?

That it's not New York.

Fuck, Marry, Kill is a game popular with Howard Stern and his cronies. Are you really that shallow?

Wait -- am I shallow because I listen to Howard Stern or because I put everyone of the opposite sex into one of three categories?

Okay, then: Howard Stern, Tracy Morgan and Mick Jagger?

Easy. Fuck -- Tracy Morgan because he's black and most likely has an enormous penis. (Don't gasp. You set me up for that one.) Marry -- Stern. I've always had a thing for funny, Jewy guys. Kill -- Mick Jagger. He's a bit too Crypt Keeper for my delicate palate.

Tell us about the show. What can we expect?

It's like HBO's Cathouse meets The Notebook. Without giving too much away -- there's a crackhouse, the guy I almost married who used to be my boss, a CAA agent, a trip to Europe, Frankenstein, the lead-in Frankenstein: The Rock Musical, a guy who likes to dress up like animals and have sex, and me.

Who is your comedy idol?

Brett Butler, hands down. Totes Brill.

What do you actually do for a living?

Bartend (why stop now?), write fitness videos for D-List celebrities, and appear on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson as assorted loose women.

Why is your comedy important?

I like that you said 'your comedy' -- that makes me feel very fancy. Listen, I'm the girl who looks back at pretty much every moment of my 20s saying to myself, 'What the fuck was I thinking?' I have a responsibility to warn younger generations of women about the perils of seducing your college professors, dancing on bar as a career move and/or going home with boys who live in crackhouses (renovated or not). I guess I feel like a sort of Fairy Godmother screaming to all the young girls out there, 'Marry a nice Jewish boy and skip the rest!'

PS: I was kidding about the Brett Butler thing. I meant Judy Tenuta, obvi.

Reserve tickets now for F**k, Marry, Kill Thursday, May 28 at 8pm ($5)
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Jill Donnelly: Amnesia & Attempted Murder Reviewed in The Apiary

Mar 6, 2015

Jill Donnelly: Amnesia and Attempted Murder in Upstate NY @ The UCBT - 5.6.09 

For people who like sad, sappy dramas about comatose patients there's Awakenings. But for those who think it's funny, there's Jill Donnelly's one-woman show "Amnesia and Attempted Murder in Upstate NY." The family and friends of Jane, a hospitalized-amnesiac who has suffered a terrible fall, come together to videotape their greetings and theorize who might be responsible for the victim's bed-ridden state. Donnelly plays every family member, friend, co-worker and neighbor, displaying an impressive range of accents, dialects and mannerisms. Though one should expect nothing less from a woman who began her comedy career after studying neuroscience in college.

In 30 minutes, Donnelly serves up 10 characters and costume changes, a Cockney accent, a cloaked nerd, a hyena laugh, the rambling of a 5-year-old, the advice of a pushy doctor and a plethora of sharp-witted jokes. The credit for the meticulously crafted humor is shared with co-creator and director, Amy Flanagan.

Donnelly's versatile performance even includes soulful a capella (as the no-nonsense co-worker who takes a moment to serenade the victim), melodious piano playing (as the explosive Southern recluse with five first names) and a montage of song parodies on the keyboard.

So whodunnit? The silent husband is a suspect, as is the resentful and jealous sister Karen, who calms herself by slapping her thighs and shouting to the beat. But the victim's son, a college freshman and wizardry enthusiast, speculates that it was an accident, and looks forward to the day she can tell his friends about what it is like to be half-dead. With unexpected laughs and macabre surprises, Amnesia and Attempted Murder serves as smelling salts to even the most unresponsive brain. 
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