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Matt Mayer

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Matt Mayer tells me he's thrilled to be a writer, director, producer, improviser and performer at the UCB Theatre in NY, where he's been studying since 2006. He's also thrilled to have me writing his bio for him. This sort of thing makes him uncomfortable.

He hails from a little town called Mahwah, NJ. It's little not in size, just in importance to the world and to him.

In my recent interview with him, Matt told me he's a field producer/director, editor and writer for the comedy TV show Take Me To Your Mother, starring Andrea Rosen, on NickMom. TMTYM is currently in production for its second season. I think that's pretty cool. I'm impressed with Matt.

At UCB, he can be seen on Tuesdays, at Harold Night, performing with his team Greg. With his sketch group Whale Thief, Matt co-produces, -writes, and -directs the monthly UCB show Sketch Cram wherein a brand new hour-long sketch show is made entirely in a day. Whale Thief also produced the recent collaborative project Movie Cram, which produced a feature length comedy film, from pitch to premiere, in 24 hours.

Having been on various house teams at UCB since 2009, he is a former member of Harold teams Monstro, CAPTCHA, Very Good Kiss, Johnny Romance, and Sherlock & Cookies, and he's a former Writer/Director/Editor for the UCBcomedy.com BETA team The Brig.

Matt says he's ashamed to don just his tighty whiteys as the self-proclaimed Sexiest Wrestler In The UCBW, Razor Raymond. I tend to think he enjoys it, mostly because of his charisma and commitment in character. But what do I know? (Warning: this character is NOT sexy. I mean, ew.)

In The-Internet-Matters-Now News: Matt was the director and editor for the 2012 internet video Shit New Yorkers Say, which has nearly 4 million views. Videos featuring Matt's talents in front of or behind the camera have netted well over 10 million views. He's not crazy about the use of the word "talents" there, but I'm keeping it in, because I think he's talented.

Matt directed the show Welcome To Camp, written and performed by Abbi Jacobson.

Matt has been in several short films, including recent 3rd place winner of the SVA Live Action Short Film Graduate Film Festival, Blue Beat. He has appeared on the UCB stage in The Livia Scott Sketch Program, Topical Storm, Late Nite Trash, High School Talent Show, Cool Show 4 Teen Girlz, Order of the Owl, The Sleepover, ImproVerite: The Documentary, and Wildhorn!: Musical Improv. He did some bits on The Chris Gethard Show on public access in NY and is a silent officemate of Ilana on Comedy Central's Broad City sometimes. This last thing is very emotional for Matt.

He also did the graphics for Shannon O'Neill's one-woman show Prison Freaks: A Talent Show, directed by Will Hines. That show was very important to Matt. Okay?

I hope you're sitting down, because I have an admission. I, the writer of this bio, am Matt Mayer himself. I know, it's quite a mind-blow. Please turn your world right-side up and enjoy your day.

Please visit his/my website mattmattmayer.com