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Kirby Howell-Baptiste

Kirby Howell-Baptiste proudly hails from North London. She has been acting since she was 10 years old, when her Mother thought it best for her to interact with things other than Barbie dolls. From the ages of 10-16 Kirby attended after school classes at the Anna Scher Theatre, which she credits as the beginning of her acting and comedy roots.

Upon graduating secondary school, Kirby began a BA in Acting from the East 15 Acting School, but left after 2 semesters, confident that she had mastered everything she needed to know. She then moved across the pond (plus another 3000 miles) to LA, to continue mastering things stateside. She mastered Method Acting at The Lee Strasberg Institute, she mastered driving on the other side of the road in real life, and she is now she in the middle of mastering improv and sketch comedy at UCBTLA where she has been a member since 2012.

You can see Kirby performing all over town, at various indie improv shows with teams including Essence, an all black, all female group. You can also see her in a number of commercials, shorts, and films. Follow Kirby on twitter @KirbyHBee, where she infrequently says things.

Kirby wants to thank all her UCB teachers for all the encouragement, recommendations and positivity they‚€™ve sent her way. She is beyond excited to be performing with her Maude Team The Royal Bermuda Whiskey Club and hopes you will forgive her for writing in the 3rd person.