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Josh Brekhus

Josh Brekhus is a comedian/writer/performer from the United States of America. He moved so much as a child he swore his parents were bank robbers. After graduating from Arizona State University, Josh began to dabble in stand-up, winning a "Live at Gotham" contest, where he had the privilege of opening for Louis C.K. 
In 2010, he moved to LA and began his formal comedic training at the UCB Theatre, and has had the privilege of studying under Suzi Barrett, Eugene Cordero, Alex Fernie, Johnny Meeks, Joe Wengert, Chad Carter, Neil Campbell, Drew DiFonzo Marks, and Tara Copeland, amongst others. 
Josh is extremely excited and honored to be playing with his Harold team, Belmonte and his Maude team, The Royal Bermuda Whiskey Club. He can also be seen every Saturday night hosting his indie show, The Local, and performing sketches with his sketch team, McQueen.