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Carlos Orlando

Carlos Orlando is an actor/improviser/writer/Scorpio/native Angeleno and currently a performer at Maude Night with his sketch comedy house team, The Royal Bermuda Whiskey Club. He received his BFA in Theatre (a financially smart move) from UC Santa Barbara.

Film credits: World's Greatest Uncle (writer, producer and, obviously, the lead), Far Away Paris, and Pig Soup.

TV credits: The Odd Couple, Chasing Life, Harry's Law, and Mi Espresso (pilot). During filming, the director of Mi Espresso borrowed Carlos' megaphone and never gave it back. If she's reading this--GIVE IT BACK.

UCB credits: Maude Night, Sketch Cram, Cagematch, Starpunch with Mike Still, UCB LA's I'm Cool Showcase, Celebrity Barf Machine, Geraldo's Cinco de Mayo Parking Lot Party, Stoned Scenes with Big Grande, The 68th Annual Tony Awards Dress Rehearsal, Nick's Insane Improv Party, Teddy Roosevelt's Presidential Funk Pad, Not Too Shabby, Spank, and UCBComedy videos.

Carlos has been studying at UCB LA since 2008, training under Mike Still, Billy Merritt, Alex Berg, Alex Fernie, Eugene Cordero, Suzi Barrett, Kevin Pederson and a bunch of other awesome people. He has also studied at the Miles Stroth Workshop under Miles Stroth, Eric Moneypenny and Heather Anne Campbell.

Carlos can be seen performing improv around town with Geraldo (an all-Latino improv team), Beluga, Sesame Street Walker, Trill Murray, Interception and one of those teams is fake.

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