Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre

Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre has affordable, comedy shows seven nights a week in NYC and LA. Watch the best improv, sketch and standup in the country. Our original comedy video productions have garnered the national spotlight. We also run the first nationally accredited improv and sketch comedy school in the country. For information on our courses, visit the Training Center.



Come see sketch comedy from some of UCBT's best sketch writers and performers.  Maude Night is your chance to see what the funniest, smartest people in New York are creating for the stage.

ACTORS: Russ Armstrong, Eddie Dunn, Cody Lindquist, Veronica Osorio, Natasha Rothwell, Josh Ruben,
WRITERS: David Guzman, Jo Firestone, Kerry McGuire, Kassia Miller, Achilles Stamatelaky

ACTORS: Carl Foreman, Dom Manzolilo, Ashley Brooke Roberts, Evan Thompson, Natasha Vaynblat,
WRITERS: Madalyn Baldanzi, Aaron Burdette, Caroline Haubold, Sarah Tollemache, John Trowbridge, Natasha Vaynblat

ACTORS: David Ebert, Michael Lane, Dawn Luebbe, Murf Meyer, Siobhan Thompson,  Alex Viola
WRITERS:  David Bernstein, Katherine Maughan, Jason Shebiro, Marina Tempelsman, Siobhan Thompson,

ACTORS: Elyse Brandau, Rob Cuthill, Dan Hodapp, Langan Kingsley, Lisa Kleinman
WRITERS: Jon Bershad, Ryan Hunter, Kristy Lopez-Bernal, Kerry O'Brien, Austin Rodrigues

ACTORS: Michael Antonucci, Joanna Bradley, Noah Forman, Dru Johnston, Cathryn Mudon, Laura Willcox
WRITERS: Glenn Boozan, Claire Downs, Dru Johnston, Nathan Min, Matt Moskovciak, Melinda Taub

Legs for Days
ACTORS: Kristen Acimovic, Ann Carr, Daniel Chamberlain,  Sean Hart,  Livia Scott,  Joel Weidl
WRITERS: Susan Casey, Jason Flowers, Karin Hammerberg, Hunter Nelson, Peter Sherer, Katie Simon

ACTORS: Becky Abrams, Max Brand,  Kara Klenk, Julia Ogilvie, James Smith III, Mark Vigeant,
WRITERS: Tyler G. Hall, Allie Kokesh, Juan Nicolon,  Cristina Sanza,  Janet Silverman,  John Zachary Townsend

ACTORS: Ken Beck, Zach Broussard, Caroline Cotter, Carrie McCrossen, Maggie Ross, Marshall Stratton
WRITERS: Georgie Aldaco, Sarah Burton, David Hill, Daniel Levine, Alex Song, Marguerite Spellman

Upcoming Performances

Mon October 27, 2014

9:30pm EDT
-- Ripley
-- Absolutely
307 W. 26th St.
New York, NY 10001
(212) 366-9176


Online Reservations (Pay at the door)